Friday, September 25, 2009

Nice, France and the New crib

Nice, France not a bad place if I say so myself.  Amazing rock, beautiful beaches, and very friendly people.  We are currently staying about 10 min. from downtown Nice in a wee guesthouse aside our gracious friends Fred and Anne Otto.  Their son Enzo is one of the most inspiring up and coming climbers in the world, Im talking he is 14 and climbing 9a(14d).  Kid is ill strong here he is climbing on Abyss(9a) which in my opinion is the best looking route here in the Gorge Du Loup.
Jon also is killing it on the rock coming extremely close to sending Puntx(9a)
Enzo(the beast) and his dad Fred talking climbing at the crag, pretty cool to witness their dynamic together as father son and also climbing partners.
Apart from the climbing we've been spending time at the beach, working on our beauty tans for the ladies, hehe!

Seth going for a lil dip in the Mediterranean 
Where our evening activities reside.  Lots of videos, talking shit, and delicious dinners in our crib.  

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