Monday, September 21, 2009

Game On!

Oh Boy, after the last couple months of hell weather and conditions, I have a feeling things are starting to change, like the season! yeahah so psyched for the fall temps to come into full affect.
Ceuse was beautiful and amazing but there is other fish to fry, thus we have ventured north into Switzerland to Zurich for a couple days.  Dave had coordinated a presentation of our vid proj. at the swiss youth championships at one of the sickest climbing gyms in the world known as Klettern Zentrum, yah bub.  Massive gym with huge world cup walls and bouldering, not to mention a very hospitable staff and crew of good peeps.  Made some great connections for the film, experienced a wee bit about life in one of the richest cities in the world, good times.
The more distant crew, being Joe, Collette, Daniel and Courtney have been down in the southern region of France at an old historical climbing area just outside of Nice.  Gorge Du Loup is their new stomping terrain and all  we have heard from them is good things.  After a brief stop in one of our favorite little towns Verbia for some relaxing/bouldering time, we busted down south to meet up with good friends.

Chilling in our lil bungalow after driving for 10 hours in the dark, rainy roads of Southern France.  So relieving to finally arrive, mostly due to the change of scenery, rock and temperature.  A couple heinous rainstorms later and we made it to the crag.
Gorge Du Loup, known for its insanely hard resistant climbing, killer tufa pinches oh and a few chipped holds, oh bugger.  regardless of the old school techniques of development the crag itself hosts some amazing challenges on beautiful rock, we are psyched but for know it just needs to dry out a bit.
Little rest day jaunt through the crazy town surrounding the Gorge du Loup
Me getting creative with the photo cam,
Amazing architecture from centuries ago, has always blown me away.  I love all these little towns in Europe, Bawse!! 

One of the cool locals showing us his contortionist skills on the steep power climbing, so good!
Dave on Triptik Tonik, rumored to be the best 8c+ in all of Europe, absolutely stunning
A little healthy meal in the bungalow
Some of the unique tufa features unfortunately they are still a bit wet from the the rainstorms
Thus creating nigh time frustration in the bungalow.  We Leave tomorrow to some old friends of Jon that live in Nice, they have a guest house for us which is according to Jon pretty, pretty sick.  Swimming pool, wifi, and walking distance from the beach. shiiyeahah.  all we need now is good weather and the send train shall be unleashed

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