Wednesday, March 25, 2009

High Ballin!!

So I've been contemplating this idea for a long time, along with many others in regards to climbing one of the most historical routes in Utah called The Present(5.14a) without a rope. First done by the legend Boone Speed in the early 90's.   It had been over 4 years since I had tried this route, but it always seemed awkward clipping, for me.  So I finally found my ca hones, and a spot and decided to go for it, the outcome was such an exhilarating experience, It will be engraved in my head forever.  Shown below is the beginning of the excitement I had the other day up at the gorilla cliffs, Stay tuned for the amazing footage captured at 

Monday, March 9, 2009

LCC Is In!

At least for a little while! Than it snowed like a maf$%#er. But here is a lil vid, of a sick new problem on the Bully Boulder in Little Cottonwood. First done but a very strong lad named Harry, enjoy and hopefully all the fresh new snow will melt quickly, for there is some sick new projects that must go down this spring before it is too hot! SCHTTEEEPP!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

last days in the Saint George

The last couple of weeks have been jammed pack with first ascents, exploratory adventure hikes, loads of coffee and oh yeah some serious dance parties!!
There has been good and bad things form this previous trip down south.  Some of the good happenings include me sending my suppaa proj. PSCHOORRR!  I dubbed it Mer-maid-er!  after a brilliant song performed by one of the most hardcore death metal bands called Deathklock,  weighing in at V13ish it will be interesting to see how long this amazing problem remains unrepeated considering it is one of the best boulder problems in Utah! 

Other good happenings include non-stop development of new boulders and the most psyche build up Saint George has ever seen.   Between all the recent hype over the last couple years, Saint George is evolving into a world class climbing destination for all shapes and sizes.
I guess nothing that bad happened apart from my favorite water bottle along with a cellphone of Seth's getting completely demolished in a 4 wheeling accident, other than that things cruised by smoothly. 
A wee lil bat hidden on a small overhang, taking a bit of a daytime nap.