Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's Coming SOON!!

I know you've all been sitting around getting restless with your panties in a bunch!!  But now the moment you've been waiting for is near.  In exactly 22 days from today, the premier for one of the most inspiring movies of all time is going on tour around the country in part of the Stonemasters tour.  The tour will be launching, well you guessed it! Here in Salt Lake City on March 11, so make sure you get your tickets in advance and locate a theater near you at http://stonemasterstour.com

This is a small glimpse of one of the many spectacular first ascents featured in the upcoming DVD.

A 30ft pebble wrestlers nightmare.  Shown here is a still from the video of myself making a ground-up, flash, first ascent of Kumar(gambler).

Climbing Vids to Get You Psyched!!

Check out these amazing films from director and producer Nathan Cando.  His stunning camera work captures the true beauty and essence of these two unbelievable climbing destinations.  

Joe's Valley is not only an aesthetically pleasing film to watch, but also includes such classics sends as the infamous Black Lung(V13) With detailed video beta for boulder problems, as well as a complete video guide to the logistics of Joe's, its a MUST HAVE! for your DVD collection.

Koh Tao, is a exciting story about four dedicated climbers evading the cold snap of the winter months, to explore and develop an unkown future climbing destination, in the gulf of Thailand known as Koh Tao(turtle island).  With mounds of untouched granite blocs, Koh Tao offers unlimited potential to any boulder fondling, beach lounging adventurer.  Follow along with Lev Pinter, Ally Dorey, Isaac Caldiero, Abby Smith, as we encounter an epic journey of developing new stone in one of Thailands most hidden gems.

For more details or to purchase online go to http://fanaticalfilms.com 

Friday, February 13, 2009

For all of you who have never heard of Raw Revolution, this is all you need to know, GO GET ONE NOW! These bars are absolutely amazing, combining deliciousness, nutrition and energy, it will be the only snack you'll ever need! My favorite is the Cashew Agave, with such few ingredients and the fact that they are raw none the less, it will blow your mind how tasty and how filling one can be, check out the full selection on http://rawindulgence.com
I just uploaded a couple more beautimus photos from none other than the man, the myth, the mystery Tyler Webb. Booyaashakalaka.
Tis like a sea of hueco's, I probably should have used some spotters, it was a bit dodgy at the very top, not the easiest mantle in the world, that's for sure!! I also realized right after I topped out that there was no way down except for a huge jump down onto a boulder below, luckily Twebb was there to rescue me, thanks bub!
This by far one of the coolest projects at the Boomer Boulders, a colorful wall with streaks and brilliant lichen, along with very long pulls between poor holds, this one here is a keeper, I must return to make send for I tore a huge hole in my finger on my last attempt, ohh bugger!!

Check it Out Mang!!

Everyone should definitely check out this years Rock Rodeo, its going to be huge. Great prizes, spectacular after party, cool people and who knows maybe even I will be there whoooopiee!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Boulders

Ok, so here the scoop. I've been down in St. George off and on for the last month battling with shi! weather and car problems, however I did manage to get out a bit to explore a new zone outside of Santa Clara, Ut. All I can say is PSCHOORRR, this place is out of control, and the potential for future development is huge. Its a long approach but well worth the endeavour, not to mention the 36o degree view of one of the most beautiful landscapes in the western states.

Most of my days were dedicated to exploring this vast region of rock, along with my good friends Seth, Tyler and others, here Seth is pictured on one of the latest great blocs, first climbed by yours truly. This boulder is fully equipped with every motivating aspect of climbing, that I can imagine, amazing texture, beautiful colors, wild moves, stunning scenery.

Seth (From Concentrate V9)
Seth on (Razor Reef V10)
Making the First Ascent of Razor Reef

Alison Hilomonster (BANG V8)

Making the First ascent of Lord Helmet (V7)

Seth (Prickly Pear V9)

Making the First Ascent of Turtle Sex (V9)