Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When will it End

Sooo Hot here at Ceuse the last couple of weeks, not sure what to do with myself sometimes, Being here at the most amazing climbing area in the world and not being able to try hard sucks!! aahahha!!  The rock is naturally very slippery limestone with no texture, even with the slightest bit of humidity the friction becomes total shizz!  On the other hand the video project is steadily moving on, I can't believe we have been in Europe now for 2 months time has just flown by and we will be soon leaving Ceuse for there is other fish to fry.  I'm talking Gorge de Loup, Gorge De Tarn, Margelef and Oliana in Spain, oh and did I mention Switzerland.  We actually leave for Suisse on the 5th of Sept. Dave has a big event he must perform along with a lecture on the what abouts  of our current video trip we are creating.
The time has also come now to decide whether or not leave back to the states Sept. 18 as opposed to staying till January 10th?? Decisions, decisions.
As far as climbing goes we have all been making do, due to the heat that is.  Jon as always is looking very solid on everything he tickles crushing everything in sight.  Seth is getting in a steady flow of running the camera along with the crew, all the logistics of filming and capturing footage onto the hard drives is a lot more than we bargained for, considering we have been camping for over a month with little or no electricity.
Dave is back in the game with a strong foot, and more psyche than ever, he races to the crag everyday to a new musical mix created the night prior.
As for myself, just waiting for good temps to arrive so the killing spree can begin. I've gone through all the classic routes along with many repeats of the most choice lines but for now I can only wait, wait, wait, oh and maybe drink a lil bit EHEH!

Dave doing a lil pre game warmup on the classic Femme Noir