Friday, July 3, 2009

Gorge Du Tarn

SOOO HOT!  hard to find balance here between good and bad temps, the rock is some of the best but the temps are NO bueno, cant complain to much cause Im in France yeahaha and soon we will depart to Ceuse where conditions will be amazing although I did here the other day about a climber getting hit by lightning at Ceuse oh well I aint Skkeerered!!
Gorge Du Tarn is one of the most amazing climbing destinations in the world! So much rock I ant believe that only 5% is developed.  Apart from the nuclear heat right now in Southern France things couldn't get any better.  Went climbing with an Austrian legend Gerhard Horhager you might know of him from Masters of Stone 1, super hilarious guy and very cool to chill with, definitely on the bro list! Pictured above is Gerhard making a strong quick ascent of an 8a on the Gullich sector, short and powerful! myesss we like!!
I found a rad piece of metal in the river the other day, took some coo shots with this random leaf that happened upon it.
Here is Jon Cardeck acting like a straight up G in the Gorge Du Tarn swimming hole.  This is where we frolick and play during rest periods between climbing sessions, there is also some great deep water soloing .
Ahh the Tarn !!

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