Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flash Back

Here is a quick flashback from a couple months ago in Joe's valley. I always forget how much there is to do in Joe's as far as first ascents go. Pictured below is one of the most impressive lines in Joe's, definitely a project for the future, but not to far into the future.
It consists of about ten, V11 to V12 MOVES in a row, talk about power endurance. Topping out at around 20 feet or so, makes for an intense highball, I hate to say it bub, but it's not for the faint at heart.
With this beautimus piece of stone being so high and overhanging, it is extremely difficult to work out the moves, everything must be done ground up, that is unless you have a plethora of pads, any takers!!

Just after the trade show in January, a couple good fellows from out of town lingered around for a bit, Jon Cardwell and Andre Defelice. We could only handle battling in the snowy boulders of Little Cottonwood for so long till it was time to head down to dry ground, Joe's Valley! The lads were extremely psyched to toss there carcasses towards an old time classic Black Lung V13. Having perfect temps, streamline beta and high motivation, I thought for sure the lung would indeed get another slap down from the young energetic crew, after all was said in done, the Lung won. Jon and Andre decided to save it for another day. Props to the legend Ben Moon, for having such an outstanding vision and unparalleled amounts of motivation to ascend this wee little piece of magic stone. It has and will, entertain the lights of many generations to come. Cheers Mate!

Jon making a very strong go on the Black Lung

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