Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Boulders

Ok, so here the scoop. I've been down in St. George off and on for the last month battling with shi! weather and car problems, however I did manage to get out a bit to explore a new zone outside of Santa Clara, Ut. All I can say is PSCHOORRR, this place is out of control, and the potential for future development is huge. Its a long approach but well worth the endeavour, not to mention the 36o degree view of one of the most beautiful landscapes in the western states.

Most of my days were dedicated to exploring this vast region of rock, along with my good friends Seth, Tyler and others, here Seth is pictured on one of the latest great blocs, first climbed by yours truly. This boulder is fully equipped with every motivating aspect of climbing, that I can imagine, amazing texture, beautiful colors, wild moves, stunning scenery.

Seth (From Concentrate V9)
Seth on (Razor Reef V10)
Making the First Ascent of Razor Reef

Alison Hilomonster (BANG V8)

Making the First ascent of Lord Helmet (V7)

Seth (Prickly Pear V9)

Making the First Ascent of Turtle Sex (V9)


  1. Love your blog! You should come around with Scott more often. We never see you anymore!

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