Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Climbing Vids to Get You Psyched!!

Check out these amazing films from director and producer Nathan Cando.  His stunning camera work captures the true beauty and essence of these two unbelievable climbing destinations.  

Joe's Valley is not only an aesthetically pleasing film to watch, but also includes such classics sends as the infamous Black Lung(V13) With detailed video beta for boulder problems, as well as a complete video guide to the logistics of Joe's, its a MUST HAVE! for your DVD collection.

Koh Tao, is a exciting story about four dedicated climbers evading the cold snap of the winter months, to explore and develop an unkown future climbing destination, in the gulf of Thailand known as Koh Tao(turtle island).  With mounds of untouched granite blocs, Koh Tao offers unlimited potential to any boulder fondling, beach lounging adventurer.  Follow along with Lev Pinter, Ally Dorey, Isaac Caldiero, Abby Smith, as we encounter an epic journey of developing new stone in one of Thailands most hidden gems.

For more details or to purchase online go to http://fanaticalfilms.com 

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