Monday, October 12, 2009

Cote D'Azur

Southern France is where we be, and the Cote D' Azur is where we roam!  By night we get lost in a labyrinth of nightclubs, bars, and ancient design.  By day we search out the most inspiring limestone along with prime temperatures that seem not to exist in the south of France, where it has taken us to next is the wee village of Carros.  Rumored to have an amazing style and natural holds, this new destination has stretched out our stay here in the south.  

Just after Dave's incredibly fast send of Abyss(9a) in the Gorge Du Loup, he quickly set his eyes another amazing gem of the Nice area known as Chocholocco also 9a.  Here he his entering the redpoint crux consisting of huge moves on compression pockets and slopers, rock we all have dreams of, while we lie awake in the eve of night.
The crew headed towards the infamous beach side after a long restful day!
One of my current projects at the Gorge du Loup, the most heinous 8c in the world.  Actually wouldn't be so bad if the skin would just stick for once, I'll get used to it one of these days.  Had a huge break through in beta and psyche, ended my day with a new high point and hopes of sending soon, Bawse!
The Cote D' Azur in the late evening light, beautimus isn't it!!


  1. Love the photos!!! I'm jealous. come home safely! xoxo Casey (Johnson) Ritter

  2. Very nice Turbo. It's great to see you living. It brings back a part of me that's been denied for the past several years now. I need to wake up. Anyway, it'd be nice to see your blog updated more often. I have to read Joe's just to try to see what you're up to. Drop me a note when you read this, and say hi to Seth for me.